Our History, Vision, and Mission

BASBUILD started as a sole proprietorship way back in the year 2000. Back then, the company specialized in office renovation and improvements with little residential work on the side. The following year, BASBUILD took charge of the construction of two-storey residential buildings. In 2005, the company trade name switched from BASBUILD Construction and Development to BASBUILD Construction and Trading which introduced the company as a middleman in supplies deals. The year 2007 saw BASBUILD construct a small-scale resort in the heart of Tanza, Cavite. Building up until the year 2010, BASBUILD had been involved in numerous residential and commercial projects such as residential buildings, restaurant installments, resthouses, and townhouses. The year 2018 marked the incorporation of the company, rebranding its name to BASBUILD Construction and Development Corp. 22 years have passed, and BASBUILD has only proved to thrive within the construction industry harboring residential and commercial projects alike while also maintaining good business rapport with its clients and suppliers. 

In compliance with its vision, the company strives to be a dependable construction company recognized by its clients as a reliable technical service provider. The company also promotes creating and maintaining relationships with skilled construction professionals that can serve the company’s vision without haste. In line with our vision, the company also has set objectives that include the following:

  • To serve our customers the highest possible level of construction service available within the confines of the project limitations,

  • To improve and solidify our repertoire in terms of reliability and range of construction services available,

  • To ensure that the employees of the company receive their benefits under the regulations of the labor code,

  • And to expand the horizons when it comes to company service and customer compliance.

Our Team